Ask Leslie: Low cost and affordable interior design solutions

Q: What's the best and most affordable way to organize my space (kitchen, closets) from an interior design perspective?

A: For most of us, having enough storage for all our things can be challenging. Not only that, but we need "our things" to be convenient as well. We want our extra toilet paper and towels to be near the bathroom and we want our coffee cups to be near the coffee machine. 

Leslie's bathroom design

Leslie's bathroom design

In my bathroom, I needed to store towels so I found a cute chair and placed a stack of towels on the seat. It was also a lot less expensive to add a chair then to add another closet. Rolls of toilet paper can be stacked on a small stool or placed in a bucket if there is no room for anything more in the cabinet. I also find that guests appreciate not having to guess where things are

In general, we have two types of storage, open and closed. Most often we cannot add a cupboard or closet but we can easily add a few shelves. Think vertical! Add open shelving up your wall either floor to ceiling or above a counter. Open shelving works best when used for everyday items such as plates, bowls and drinking glasses. Their regular use makes them much less likely to gather dust and require rinsing before use. 


Open Shelves in Leslie's Kitchen

Open Shelves in Leslie's Kitchen

Always store the most used items on the lower shelves saving the higher shelves for platters and large serving pieces for the higher shelves. You've also just opened up room in your cabinets for objects that may not be so pretty. Remember, in cabinets or pantries, the shelves located between waist height and eye level are a closets most valuable storage. Reserve those shelves for items you use every day. 

My philosophy about life is that it should be easy, convenient, abundant and pretty!

On a side note, I am currently accepting new clients into my private interior design practice. If you know anyone who is need of my services, please feel to forward this post to them!

With gratitude,

Leslie Lewart