Ask Leslie: Vaulted Ceiling Interior Design Solutions

Q: I have vaulted ceilings throughout my house. They are a 45 degree angle and 23.5 feet at the peak. When I bought it everything was painted white. Now I would like to add color. What should I do about the Ceiling and tall walls?

A: Having vaulted ceilings throughout a house can certainly be challenging but  here are 3 potential solutions. 

First, you could treat certain rooms by painting the ceiling and walls the same color.  We really don't need to differentiate the ceiling from the walls by color since I think we know which is which =)

Secondly, through the use of molding, especially crown molding you can create an artificial ending to your wall.  I might drop the wall to 9 or 10 feet and paint the ceiling a dark color.  A dark color on the ceiling will seemingly drop the ceiling down a bit.  It will create a smaller feeling space but a more intimate one.  We typically like smaller spaces to live in, as it gives us the feelings of coziness and safety.

Thirdly, you could add some architecture in the form of beams running across the room. This would also give the room some intimacy by giving the sense of a ceiling.  

With careful selections and varied treatments,  you could change a real challenge in to an architecturally interesting and charming home!