Ask Leslie: Any general tips for treatment/healing space?

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Q: I have an acupuncture and massage studio. I want to make the space  healing,  relaxing and inviting for my clients. Any general tips? Thanks.

A: The first thing I would say is that if you make your space relaxing then it will certainly be inviting.  When we want a soothing space, we will want to invoke the senses of smelling, seeing and hearing. 

You may want to bring in a softly gurgling water fountain or some beautiful meditative music. Aromatherapy can offer some wonderfully relaxing scents such as Lavender. But, for me, its the visual offerings that are most powerful.  The visual must be harmonic and balanced creating a feeling of order and safety. Things need to be placed in a neat and peaceful way otherwise there is an opportunity for chaos to emerge.  But perhaps color is the easiest way to create a mood.  As it turns out, blue and green are the most relaxing colors.

Green helps you find balance and peace.  It also promotes calmness, harmony and safety.  

Blue stands for calmness loyalty, dreams and infinity.  Use blue if you are looking for calmness, openness and new perspective.  Purple (which  also includes lavender) promotes spirituality, balance, imagination and wisdom.  White is another color that can be used to promote relaxation.  It stands for freshness and new beginnings.  It is a color of truth, hope and dreams.

I would also recommend live plants and low ambient lighting to be added to the mix and no one will want to leave!

Thanks so much,  xx